5 Things To Look For In A Rental Listing This Summer.

I just received this great article from Jane Hurst at Rentometer about what to look for in a Rental Listing this summer.

A great summer vacation starts with choosing a perfect rental property. You might think that all rental properties are alike, but you would be misinformed. Rental properties come in all shapes and sizes and finding one that suits you takes time and patience. All rental properties are different, and if you do not do your homework you could end up with a not so fun summer get away. So if you are going to the beach, the mountains, or the city, here are five things to look for when you are considering which properties to rent:


Different rentals have different regulations. Some let you have pets. Some cater to senior citizens. Some are non-smoking. You need to make a list of what you want in your rental before you start looking. If you want to bring Fido, you need to find a rental that allows pets. Also be sure to have a firm price on what you are willing to pay for your rental. Some landlords will allow pets, but they will increase your rent. Do not assume anything. Some beaches require tags that may be included with your rent. Some rentals may cover the cost of the secure parking lot. Be sure you know up front what is and is not included in the base rental price.


Make sure your rental property is cleaned before you get there. Sometimes renters include a cleaning company in their rental fee. Most properties are clean and ready for you to move in for your vacation. However, if the property does not look clean, you do not want to rent it. Make sure there is no garbage or junk lying around. You do not want to end up in a dirty rental. If there are thing there that should not be, make sure everything will be cleaned up before you arrive for your vacation. You can ask if the rental will be professionally cleaned before you arrive. If not, it may be up to the previous renter to clean out the property. If you want it done right, make sure to ask your rental agent what cleaning service they recommend.


Make sure your rental is where you want to stay. If you want to be on the beach, make the property is not too far off the beach. If you want to be near certain restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse make sure they are near the property you want to rent. With on line resources, you should be able to pinpoint exactly where your property will be. Take a look around the property and be aware of the surrounding houses. If they look taken care of and are in good shape, your property should in a nice location. If the surrounding properties have large gates or bars on their windows, the neighborhood might not be so safe. It would not hurt to talk to the neighbors before you rent. They can let you know about any ordinances or safety issues in the surrounding area. If you want to be in a rental where you can party into the night, be sure there are no noise ordinances in that location or you may have the police knocking at your door asking you to keep it down. Or, if you want a quiet, calm area, ask if the neighbors have had any noise issues. Different areas are unique. One location may be party central while the other is a quiet, family location. Make sure you are in the location that suits your needs.


Ask about parking. It may not seem like a big deal. You are renting the house, you should have close parking. This may not be the case. You may not mind walking to your car; but if you do, find out where the parking is located. You do not want to get to your property and find out there is not any parking nearby. You may end up having to hike to your car to go anywhere. If it is a lot, be sure it has cameras or security guards keeping an eye on your car. Or, if you prefer a garage or roadside parking make sure this is available before you sign your lease.


Amenities should be listed with the property. Do you want a washer and dryer in your house? Do you need a ramp to get into your property? Do you prefer newer appliances and a large kitchen? Make sure to check out anything you may want to have in your rental. If you are staying by the beach and do not want to bring your own boogie boards to be sure they are included with the rental. Do not assume anything when you rent. If you want air conditioning at the beach, make sure it is included. On the flip side, if you are going to the mountains, be sure there is heat available in your rental. If you do not see it listed, call your rental agent and ask if what you want or need is available. If the rental property you are looking at is not suited to your needs, your rental agent may be able to suggest other properties that will fit what you are looking for. Finding a good rental property is not difficult if you know in advance what your needs will be. Take your time and do your research. Find some rentals online and take the time to find out where they are located and what they include. If you are able to, go to the property before you rent it and see for yourself what the neighborhood is like. Talk to the rental agent and let them know what you are looking for in a rental property. Your rental agent wants to make sure you are in the rental property of your dreams. They will be able to steer you towards the property that will make your vacation pleasant and relaxing.

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