Cubic Feet A Minute

My favorite Handy Man, Craig Emmert, has a Blog called Craig’s Clout : Tip “o” the Week. He has some very informative articles and I love the way he writes so I asked if I could share them with you. He said “Great!” and if you need Handy Man help don’t hesitate to contact him at 310-697-2829 or email at

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Cubic Feet A Minute

“Cubic Feet a Minute or C.F.M. ratings are so important whether we know its science behind or not.

The everyday bath fan gets the applause only when its ability to perform has been elevated via other components directly involved. It can only exchange the air that it draws.

Now normally this has never consciously entered most people’s mind throughout the years. But indeed it has when he needs to see at that bath mirror to shave. This enables patient time to kick in, so a chilly breeze from outside the open window and the bath door completely ajar. Minutes later, I can use the mirror, but my body hair isn’t soft any longer. Thats where the science of craftsmanship sets in, the bottom of that shut door for heat as well as privacy needs the proper gap beneath it to draw air through from the rest of the house for the C.F.M. or exchange air for good ventilation on your next home.

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