Exercise – It’s All About Movement

My Mom was a walker. She walked all the time. She had the legs of a 40 year old and she died when she was 75. She had some good looking legs. Because of her natural instinct to exercise, walking, we as her kids picked up the habit.

My Exercise Timeline

I have gone through different kinds of exercise periods in my life.  When I was real young, my mom, my little sister and I used to stand in front of this little T.V. and follow Jack O Lane around. We would be jumping, stretching, bending and of course laughing and having fun. I think my mom did all the exercise out of just being with us girls. It was a habit that has stayed with me all my life.

Then of course there were the days of “Jazzersize”. Do you remember that? It was so much fun. I still can’t dance worth beans. But I sure tried to keep up with those girls in the front. I would always take up the last row. But I would move. That craze along with aerobics worked to help keep my weight in check.

As I got older I stopped all the jumping and moving around and then I fell and broke my ankle pretty bad. That put a stop to a lot of movement. After a couple of years of not moving I felt that I needed to really get back into something that would help with my heart and lungs stay healthy.

Then I discovered “Dragon Boat Racing”. Wow was that ever fun. I loved being on the water. I loved being in the races and I loved the exercise. I still could not do any real running because of my ankle. But my heart and lungs got a good work out. Then I ran into the problem that this team exercise took more time than I could give it. I hated giving it up but I had to work.

There I was in my early 60’s and not moving at all. I missed the sweating, the movement and energy that exercise offered me. What was I going to do? I walked with my sister on hikes on the weekends, but that was not enough. I knew that I would grow old and die quickly if I did not get up and move.  

I then discovered “CrossFit”!!! Oh Boy has this been fun.

It’s true CrossFir is addicting. My grand daughter and I CrossFit together. She says, “Wow I have a great grandma,” she loves CrossFit too. It is hard but it is so much fun. I have the best coach. Because I am one of the “older” ladies in the class the work is adjusted to my strengths. So awesome!!! Thanks Coach Chris and all my fellow Cross Fitters. Your make me feel so young.

If you would like details about my CrossFit box, the gym, send me a message from my contact page. Happy to help and keep moving.

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  • Barbara Winkler

    Where is your cross-fit and do they accept Silber Sneakers?

  • Nashunya Mia Payne

    Oh Mary Ann I really enjoyed reading this article I seem to learn so much more about you everyday I am so impressed but I will say it’s in your blood I see it in your daughter to keep it up it’s good to be so active I love you and thank you for keeping me encouraged I guess carrying meal is not enough for me because my body is so used to it I will one day find something that I would love to be exercising in thank you for sharing that was not a waste of my time

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