Fun Things For Kids In The Holidays

When I was growing up (not saying how many years ago!) in Southern California we did lots of fun things that cost little and are such fond memories for me now. One was visiting a Christmas Tree farm – we had a couple of them in Yorba Linda where I grew up, we had such fun going to them.

I would make all my brothers and sisters cut construction paper and we would make a huge Christmas garland, enough to go around the whole living room ceiling AND the Christmas tree. That was a lot of garland. We had such a good time cutting, pasting and putting it up. Lots of fun.

Here are a few more of our family favorites that you might enjoy with your own family…

Set Up A Christmas Eve Hot Cocoa Bar

Break out the hot cocoa and Christmas cookies–but step up your presentation a notch: instead of just serving everyone a cup of cocoa, set up a hot-cocoa station complete with mini marshmallows, whipped cream, colored sprinkles, candy canes, and more.

Instead of a hot coco bar, my sisters and I would make cookies for Santa Claus. We would put out milk and cookies on Christmas eve and for as long as we believed in Santa, he always came to our house and tasted the cookies. I had such good parents!

Santas Milk and Cookies
Image of Christmas Tree Decoration with music symbol

Create A Holiday Playlist

My Mother loved Christmas carols and so do I. I don’t own a lot of music but I do own Christmas Carols and can’t wait for them to start on the radio each year!

Whether you are trimming the tree, preparing for a party, or just in the car or getting dinner ready, help your family get in the groove  with a customized holiday playlist.

Ask everyone to add their favorites and add new interpretations of the classics.

Go Holiday Light-Seeing

Every Christmas my father made it his special project to take us out to see the Christmas lights. We never had lights up. Too expensive…but it was always so much fun to go see the lights in the neighborhoods, They were so pretty.

My Mother especially liked these trips out. She would ohhh and ahhh at such beautiful lights.

To this day I love driving down the streets and looking at all the lights. I sometimes take my grandchildren out to go look at the lights – they really do enjoy it.

Christmas Lights on house exterior
Family taking picture by the Christmas Tree

Pose For A Picture

Whether you are all about matching family PJs or you prefer a more formal look, be sure to take a moment and capture your holiday with a photo session.

If you can, it’s fun to take pictures in the same location each year to see the family grow.

They’ll make great memories in the future.

Whatever you do this holiday season, I hope you have a wonderful time. Happy Holidays!

Mary Ann Edwards
Re/Max College Park

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