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My favorite Handy Man, Craig Emmert, has a Blog called Craig’s Clout : Tip “o” the Week. He has some very informative articles and I love the way he writes so I asked if I could share them with you. He said “Great!” and if you need Handy Man help don’t hesitate to contact him at 310-697-2829 or email at Craigscloutnrepairs@gmail.com.

Drip Metal

“Recently while working on top my trusty ladder I’m performing a little R&R. No not lounging in the warm sand on some exotic Caribbean strand of beach. (lol)

I’m Removing the old bogus area and Replacing with new by surgically cutting out (before installing pre-primed on all 4 sides) a piece of fascia board that stands out like a “cockroach on a wedding cake” that is very unsightly when arriving up the drive of this wonderful Estate here in Long Beach. My marketed personal area. Seeing something like this really quashes its curb appeal from the street on the drive by !

Suddenly this voice I hear says (very clearly from a child) “Hey Mister, whatcha doing?” My simple reply was “Helping Others” a bit of a pause “oh, ok.” As I’m watching the little tyke ride away, he comes to an abrupt halt and turns and says “how”?

Now the older we get I do know almost everything leads to a story. But keeping it short I say “If you got 10 minutes to spare I’ll be ready to actually show you, Amigo!” So I get another “Well Ok”.

After a few minutes of organizing confusion I put things back on the truck. Then I assemble some of the scrap I had and produced a mini model for my new student to see. And I explain that typically the roofers will run a piece of flashing known as a drip-edge metal around the perimeter border of a roof before applying the finished tile on this particular project. And, if that drip lip of the flashing is tight and touching the surface below, the moisture from above will run down its face beneath it and eventually destroy it. We would like to look up and see a tiny gap, so that the run-off drips free and clear to the ground or whatever else thats below.

So I show the comparison in a mock up and the metal farthest from you looking at it is a correct example!! Then I get an “oh, now I get-It” And he quickly says, “I’ll see Ya Later Mister” I think he heard his Mom calling!

There have been times when I’ve done some preventative medicine to alleviate any future cost for my clients. As the Midas muffler guy taught us growing up “You can Pay Me Now or Pay Me later” That’s where I come in, known as an Estate Maintenance/Project Manager to folks. Thanks for reading Again, Enjoy your day neighbors!!”

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