Handy Man Tips – Galvanic Corrosion

My favorite Handy Man, Craig Emmert, has a Blog called Craig’s Clout : Tip “o” the Week. He has some very informative articles and I love the way he writes so I asked if I could share them with you. He said “Great!” and if you need Handy Man help don’t hesitate to contact him at 310-697-2829 or email at Craigscloutnrepairs@gmail.com.

Galvanic Corrosion  or Incompatible Metal

Unfortunately Galvanic Corrosion  or incompatible metals, is a common error, often found in construction, waits for nothing nor no-one, immediately after shaking hands with its opponent! This occurs far more often than it should and will cause unnecessary problems/expenses as time elapses.

A somewhat fuzzy greenish white powder like substance will gradually occur, with time will end as a pin hole leak in pipes for instance, damaging a plethora of materials near & far. Pressurized or not these can and most often will require costly repairs that should have been avoided from the start.

Although brass and copper in example can touch one another and won’t ever corrode. Many varieties should never come in contact with one another. Do your homework or Phone for advice if foggy. Because It has been my professional experience and I would enjoy giving this knowledge away to you,

I have found this to be the problem numerous times as well as saving our natural resources from being wasted.

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