Handy Man Tips – Plumbing Leaks

My favorite Handy Man, Craig Emmert, has a Blog called Craig’s Clout : Tip “o” the Week. He has some very informative articles and I love the way he writes so I asked if I could share them with you. He said “Great!” and if you need Handy Man help don’t hesitate to contact him at 310-697-2829 or email at Craigscloutnrepairs@gmail.com.

Plumbing Leaks

“Roused awake from a forgettable dream not long ago. Forcing myself to listen closely as I wrote particulars. I’m understanding I can help by at least turning the water off once arriving, until morning.

Having a plumbing bucket with some supplies just in case I grabbed it and made that dash. So a few minutes after arrival I got the water off and swept the flood to drainage. Then assessed the leak whereabouts and checked my bucket, imagine my surprise to see I do have the exact part. In Carpentry I’m fully set for anything goes, but I can thread using teflon like all tradesmen. Done deal, but wait. Not so fast. So after 2 cups of complimentary coffee and a bit more light from the morning sun…

Something no one wants to see is the copper piping being clamped down with steel fasteners (not compatible metals) as one can see by the discoloration about the new fasteners pictured. Over given amounts of time the fitting known as a “shark bite” can be retro-fitted on. With the parade of sweating pipe. I see I could stop this right now if I used my head and thought outside the proverbial box. Re-checking my supplies first, to no avail. Then it dawned on me just to take those hose clamps I had and insulate them thickly with electrical tape and clamp down again. Good for the rest of our lives.

“No Problems only solutions” Use your brain and save the trip!”

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