My favorite Handy Man, Craig Emmert, has a Blog called Craig’s Clout : Tip “o” the Week. He has some very informative articles and I love the way he writes so I asked if I could share them with you. He said “Great!” and if you need Handy Man help don’t hesitate to contact him at 310-697-2829 or email at Craigscloutnrepairs@gmail.com.

Been There Done That

After a somewhat long list of accentuating various interiors. The many different designs, styles of eras gone by, or the one that’s most articulate for moldings is the ever present Craftsmen Style.

All be it high or low the landing point of just about any ornate or basic, of the plainest or simplest form, and with any other types of moldings you are incorporating is the Plinth Block. A little taller than the base board and a wee bit wider than that particular openings casing surround.

A classy smart handsome and relatively inexpensive route to take by creating something to show off and chat about, enjoy personally or changing the marketability of Your Abode.

Have a Great Forever friends!Thank You All 🙂

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