How To Get More Done In A Day

I recently saw a great article by Bradley Lyon of Lyon Strategic Consulting I wanted to share with other SoCal home owners about how to get more done in a day. Bradley gives the most often heard excuses for procrastination:

“I’m too busy for that.” and “I don’t have enough time.” That;s why time management is such an important concern for any business that wants to grow and succeed. Here’s his 8 Tips To Get More Done Each Day.

First things first

Use the first half hour of every day to plan your day. Make sure that your list is prioritized and attainable. Include breaks in your plan, and when possible assign an allotted amount of time for each task.

Too many meetings

Meetings, whether they are face-to-face, conference call, or video conferencing are a big part of the work day. They can also be one of the biggest time wasters. If you are the organizer of the meeting, create an agenda and distribute it to the attendees as soon as the time, place and attendance list has been determined. If you are an attendee, make sure that you read the agenda carefully and be ready to report on any action items.

I can’t find anything

Make sure your files (both electronic and paper) are orderly and that you can find the necessary information quickly. Create file folders and sub folders. Keep your file naming process consistent. Excess clutter on your desk or on your computer can be distracting.

What about me?

Schedule at least 30 minutes of quiet time each day. Do not be disturbed by telephone calls or interruptions for a full half hour. Use this time to clear your head of appointments and deadlines.

The only way to get it done right is to do it myself?

Good leaders delegate. Make sure you delegate responsibilities, not just tasks. Do not micromanage, instead, trust and follow up.

Just say no

How many times are we asked to volunteer for something or invited to an event that we have no interest in, but we don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings? Never accept invitations or requests due to guilt or pressure. Make sure every request is in alignment with your goals.

I don’t know where the time went

Keep a log for a week of all your activities. The exercise will initially take up time, but the findings from the log can help you decide which activities are necessary and which can be eliminated. It is important to make sure that the activities you keep are in line with your priorities and goals.

How did I do?

Use the last 15 minutes of each day to review the process on your daily duties and assignments. Two actions will be required for each task left unaccomplished; first make sure that it is ready to be rescheduled for the next day, and second, understand why you were not able to finish it today and examine what processes need to be improved.

We all want to get more done in a day so I hope these tips help you and, of course, if you need any info about buying and selling homes please contact me.

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