Let’s Plant Trees!

If you are planning to improve the landscaping in your yard, consider planting some trees. Adding trees to your landscaping can be a lucrative investment, may increase home resale value by 15% or  more and reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 50 percent. Trees provide shade, privacy and beauty to your property, they improve air quality too and provide a safe harbor for wildlife. Trees have also been shown to reduce tension and create feelings of relaxation.

If you are planning to plant trees on your property, speak with one of our local professionals to see what type of tree is best suited for you.  You’ll want to consider the size of the tree in comparison to your yard. Plant smaller trees near the house and larger trees further out in your yard.

What Type Of Tree?

Big decision… what type of tree to plant. You can choose from: Deciduous Trees which loose their leaves in fall and stay bare all winter. Evergreen Trees which stay green and gorgeous all year long. Fruit Trees which have the dual purpose of allowing you to grow your own fruit. You can choose between dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard sizes. Dwarf trees are the smallest of the three and they usually produce fruit faster than the larger trees. A single semi-dwarf apple tree can produce up to 500 apples in one season. Some fruit trees are self pollinating and others require the right combination of varieties to produce fruit. Then there are Flowering Trees, colorful and fragrant , they add much beauty to your yard.

So, take your pick, and plant some trees this summer!

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