Mortgage Payment Problems

This is a story about a client of mine. He called me and said that he was having problems making his November mortgage payment and I told him that he should probably call the Lender and find out if there was something they could do to help him.

He did that and the Lender told him to call the service department and let them know that he was having a problem making the payments because of the issues he had when covid was going on really strong. They cut back hours so he wasn’t working full time. And, over the course of time, it just really hurt his ability to make the payment regularly. So he told that to the servicing department and the servicing department said, Well if it’s because of covid then what we can do is offer you to not make your payment for one, two, or three months and what we’ll do is we’ll put what is owed on those months at the back end of the loan and that way we should be able to help you out.

I don’t know what he chose but he felt really, really good that he was able to be helped by his Lender. If you are having problems because of covid and you can’t make the payments call your Lender and see if they will help you out because once December rolls around, from what I understand, they’re not going to do this any more because of covid. So if you are having problems, call them and see if you can negotiate something with them.

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