Neighborhood Focus – Los Altos

Long Beach is a city with a lot of diverse neighborhoods. There really is a neighborhood for everyone, no matter your lifestyle and today I am featuring Los Altos. It just so happens this is the neighborhood where I have my office for Re/Max College Park but there is a lot more to Los Altos.

Los Altos is family friendly with highly ranked schools including  Stanford Middle School.  Cal State Long Beach gives Los Altos a college town flavor and many amenities.

The Los Altos area was developed soon after the end of World War II to accommodate the scores of military personnel returning to civilian life. It was originally a mix of two-bedroom, one-bath homes and three-bed, two bath residences, sold in the 1950s for $8,000 to $14,000, a price right in the wheelhouse of young families.

Many of the original homes remain and they have weathered well. They were built with beautiful hardwood floors and large windows. A lot have fireplaces and there is real character in many of the homes.

One of the great things about Los Altos is the wonderful mature trees that line many streets. They add to the ambience and you can often see families out biking or walking.

Convenient shopping also with  a Target department store, Sears department store, Trader Joe’s, LA Fitness, and many other shops and stores.

Los Altos is a slice of middle america in Long Beach. It’s a safe and great place to live. Please contact me if you are interested in looking at homes in Los Altos, I’ll be happy to help.

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