Peacock Sightings In Long Beach

Just reported in the Long Beach Post Peacock sightings near the traffic circle and Colorado Lagoon!

According to the post, Ted Stevens, manager of Long Beach’s Animal Care Services, said he’s had recent reports of peacock sightings in a neighborhood just west of the Traffic Circle, while residents on Twitter have reported sightings near Colorado Lagoon and Ximeno Avenue near Sixth Street.

Peafowl are rare in Long Beach. While animal controls officers have been called out, the birds are usually too fast to catch, Stevens said, adding that the Traffic Circle area is not a safe place for peafowl.

“If they are confined or injured we might be able to catch them,” he said. “But if they’re healthy, they’re just impossible.”

Resident Ariana Gastelum said she spotted a peacock on Monday around 4:30 p.m. heading from the golf course to Colorado Lagoon.

“I saw her crawl under the fence and run towards the lake, but then she changed her mind when she saw some kids on bikes and hopped on a nearby roof,” she said.

Photo credit Ariana Gastelum

  • Brian


    Where have all the Peahens gone?

    Several months ago 5 peafowl showed up in the Traffic Circle area there was 3 peacocks and 2 peahens and very quickly these birds became the absolute, beloved of the neighborhood. The peahens have been missing for about 4 months now from the Traffic Circle area we thought they possibly were nesting in the ravine; however there has been no sightings of them and their chicks.

    In an email exchange with me the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services has assured me they did not remove the peahens. I contacted them because one of their employees had mentioned to me that they would take the peafowl to a 250 acre wildlife reserve in the Malibu area and turn term loose, coincidentally the ACS persons stopped driving around our area the same time the peahens disappeared. If anyone wanted to keep the peafowl population from increasing in the city – capturing / kidnapping and relocating the peahens before they nested would sure do the job. We also have seen coyotes in the ravine area and it is possible the peahens moved on elsewhere.

    The 3 peacocks have become silent at night, no longer do we hear them calling out as they used to, nor do they even call out during the day. We still see the 3 peacocks on occasion foraging for food, has any one seen the missing females, the peahens?
    Thank you,

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