Recommending Kipp Kahlia Music Instruction

Do You want to play the guitar or base, and do it well? Do you want to be a good singer?

Kipp Kahlia has designed a system that will work for you. She’s a professional musician who has worked with more than 700 students so far, here are a couple of testimonials:

“My son Daryl started guitar lessons with Kipp when he was 8 years old. Playing the guitar became a great release for Daryl and the interest in guitar and music has never left him. He is 19 years old  now and in college. I attribute his skill and ability as a musician and band leader to Kipp’s way of teaching. She really gets to know her students and tailors her lessons accordingly. Daryl is able to pick up any piece of music, and through the music theory that Kipp taught him, he can play anything! She is a wonderful teacher!” – Constance Kenfield

Kipp is a wonderful guitar teacher and mentor. I came to her wanting to learn a second instrument, and came out with a greater understanding about music. Her lessons not only taught me guitar, but music theory as well which I was then able to use to help me imporve my trumpet skills and land a first chair seat in my high school’s jazz band. Each lesson was comprised of a little bit of theory, some techical work, and something fun to learn so that practicing in between lessons was never monotonous. I enjoyed learning from Kipp so much that my dad and sister ended up taking lessons from her too. I highly recommend Kipp for anyone of any musical background. She is awesome.” – Elisa Catanzarite

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Phone 562-480-6230

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