What To Do If Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about your smoke alarm. Smoke Detectors are really, really important.

If it’s night time and your smoke detector goes off, the very first thing you should do is not sit up in bed. Don’t sit up because people have actually been found dead in bed because they heard the smoke detector and they sat up and they took in a big deep breath of toxic smoke and gasses and it killed them.

So, when you hear it and it’s at night time, actually get your bearings and roll off the bed. You need to get to the closest exit possible. That doesn’t mean it’s the exit you use all the time. It could be a bathroom window, a bedroom window, or a back door. Our instinct is to go to the place where we normally go to exit but when there is a fire you need to get out of there as soon as possible so you need to go ahead and get out through the closest exit.

Obviously call the Fire Department as quickly as possible. Make sure everybody is out of the house. Do not go back in if you have forgotten anything because that could kill you.

So, pay attention to your smoke detectors, make sure your smoke detectors have batteries in them and they are working and stay safe from fire.

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