Ways To Eat Well For Less

Tips For grocery Shopping

It can be difficult to stick to a budget while grocery shopping because you have endless choices but limited funds in your wallet. Here are some tips that may help as you navigate the food aisles:

  • Make a list and only buy the items you have writen down. This will save both time and money.
  • Don’t habitually buy expensive snacks. When you do splurge on pricey snacks, don’t put them in a convenient place.
  • Buy only as much produce and perishables as your family can eat within a reasonable period of time. When you throw out food, you’re throwing out money.
  • Stock up whenever possible. Buy in bulk on frequently used, nonperishable items, like canned goods, paper products and toiletries when they are on sale.
  • Look high and low. As you shop, look at the upper and lower shelves because stores often place the most expensive items at eye level.
  • Beware of the ends. You will often find the advertised specials at the ends of the aisles; however they are usually placed alongside non-sale products.
  • Use coupons with care. Don’t use coupons for items that you wouldn’t normally buy and be sure to ask if the store will double coupons. Some stores will even accept competitor’s coupons.
  • Check for sale prices. Look at the store’s entrance or bulletin board for sale flyers. And don’t forget to check in local newspapers or online for additional coupons.

Eating Out On A Budget

When trying to save money, you likely trim the extras from your budget, like dining out. But you can still enjoy a trip to your family’s favorite restaurant, with these thrifty tips:

  • Plan ahead. Many websites offer coupons and discounted gift certificates that may be used at restaurants in your area. Visit www.restaurant.com, www.valpak.com or www.couponmom.com, but be sure to check with the restaurant in advance to make sure they accept the coupons. Also check your local newspaper for specials.
  • Say “no” to extras. passing on expensive drinks, appetizers and deserts can cut down on the total price of your meal.
  • But “yes” to the rest. Eating your fill of free salad and bread will allow you to take home more of your main course, which can be enjoyed for tomorrow’s lunch.

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