What To Plant This Summer

It’s summertime! Almost… and I wanted to talk a little bit about what kind of plants to put in your garden for the summer time.

What To Plant

I know it’s been raining and we’ve got water but we still have to be really careful with our water. There is a couple of plants they I would suggest. One is Verbena and Verbena is purple so it’s a really nice color and it’s a really good ground cover. And it will floral the outside of your house. It’s really pretty and it’s good to put in between the cracks. It hangs over baskets and over a wall really nicely and because of the color it’s really beautiful.

The other one is what we call Daylily. A daylily is a little different and it could be yellow and you could plant that with the verbena but they really grow up to about 12 inches and they spread out so you would have this really nice floral covering of purple with yellow behind it. Wouldn’t that be beautiful and it will look really good in the front of your house. If you are planning on selling it’s a really nice touch.

So remember, if you want to sell your house and you want your house to have good curb appeal. Low water plants and lots of color.

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Mary Ann Edwards Re/Max College Park

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    Love your suggestions and the brevity of your blogs, Mary Ann. Dusty helps me out in Seal Beach and says “Hello”.

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